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furniture for kids in israel

The Unusual Suspects: 5 Unique Israeli Design Shops |

Chedva | June 28, 2013

  After mentally escaping to Hollywood in last week’s posts (about Barbara Strisand’s design skills and the interiors of The Bling Ring) and gazing at the beautiful rooms Revital Indik … read more >>

Paris Hilton's shoe closet

On Bling |

Chedva | June 25, 2013

Let’s continue a little on the path of escapism and celebrity-judging, shall we? Just for a today. Last week I was invited to watch The Bling Ring at the opening … read more >>

Book Report
barbra streisnd book portrait on sofa

Barbara Streisand’s Hobby |

Chedva | June 20, 2013

  Barbara Streisand is a hot topic in Israel this week; She came here to sing at Shimon Peres’ (the Israeli president and a good friend of hers) 90th birthday … read more >>

abi portrait01HRFK

One On One with Designer Abigail Ahern |

Chedva | June 13, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of emailing with one of my favorite designers, Abigail Ahern. Speaking to someone whose work I so admire and finding her not only as talented … read more >>

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PRADA At Home |

Chedva | July 25, 2012

Have you seen the Prada film yet? Director Roman Polanski directed a short-short film with Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter (appearing as a therapist and a socialite client) for … read more >>


6 Ways To Add Pattern To Your Home |

Chedva | April 6, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I gathered some items for my product picks at Houzz.com. What did they have in common? Pattern. Lots of It. Can you guess what sort … read more >>

צילום שי אדםIMG_4573

Storefront: Aisha Moroccan Design |

Orna | April 4, 2012

I’ve never met Yael (Aisha) Bonney before I went to her Moroccan design gallery, Aisha, but when we met, I felt an instant connection. Her gallery is where she brings … read more >>

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nir meiri plates

FAD – A Unique 30-Day Concept Store In Tel Aviv |

Chedva | March 21, 2012

Here’s something we’re really excited to check out: A 30-day concept store in Tel Aviv that’s all about fashion, art and design.Orna and I are going to visit FAD later this week … read more >>


COLOR: The Color Combos of Blogger Igor Josifovic |

Chedva | March 15, 2012

Hi everyone! So happy to be back today with another color combo post (you can see them all here), and with a very special friend of mine: Igor from Happy … read more >>


COLOR: The Color Combos of Photographer Sivan Askayo |

Chedva | February 23, 2012

I’ve only met Sivan once, briefly, at an event, but in our correspondence since (don’t you love how social media has brought the pen pal concept back?!) it’s been clear … read more >>


10 Design Books We Love |

Chedva | February 22, 2012

Once in a while, when I can’t resist anymore or I feel I’m extra deserving, I log into my Amazon cart and hover over the Checkout button. I used to … read more >>

portrait georg baldele B&W

INTERVIEW: Lighting Designer Georg Baldele |

Chedva | February 15, 2012

Lights floating in the middle of a room can evoke many an association: magic, nostalgia, maybe even romance. Engineering, however, isn’t one of them. But design is forever a dot … read more >>


COLOR: The Color Combos Of Stylist Annette Joseph |

Chedva | February 9, 2012

For Annette Joseph, colors are more than just a tool. As a renown lifestyle, interiors and food stylist she is surrounded by color all day and is an expert in … read more >>

mugrabi vintage shop and cafe tel aviv

Brand New Week 05.02.12 |

Chedva | February 5, 2012

  After last week’s photo shoot I went to visit one of my favorite second hand shops in Tel Aviv, Mugrabi Cafe (33 Alenbi st.). What can I say, second … read more >>


COLOR: The Color Combos Of Natasha Haimovich |

Chedva | February 3, 2012

In the last past months I’ve been thinking a lot about color combinations, and namely about what is that “thing” that makes them work. Some colors look like they were … read more >>

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Let There Be Light: A Short Guide To Lighting |

Chedva | February 2, 2012

How do you even begin to approach the subject of lighting? Lighting is beauty, it’s mood, it’s design; but lighting is also electricity outlets, technical terms and a major pain … read more >>


Storefront: The Paint Store |

Orna | January 30, 2012

The first time I saw The Paint Store was while I went on the “Houses From Within” tour. The store was closed, and from outside it looked like a big … read more >>


Sunday Coffee And Big News |

Chedva | January 29, 2012

The first coffee of the week always tastes better, right? I feel the same about the first photo of the week, especially when it’s so sunny (scroll down for our … read more >>

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OFF TOPIC: A Broken Heart?! |

Chedva | January 24, 2012

I first met the Bakery Studio designers when I was writing a piece on design groups for GOstyle magazine. Since then, I’ve been following their innovative work closely. I was … read more >>

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Take Your Pick: 3 Gorgeous Tufted Sofas |

Chedva | January 23, 2012

1 | 2 | 3 This week I’ve been helping some very special clients re-furnish their living room. Their children are bigger and less spill-prone now, and it’s time to … read more >>

designer vito selma

INTERVIEW: Vito Selma, Furniture Designer |

Chedva | January 17, 2012

A few months ago, when I received photos of Vito Selma‘s GEO table, I wasn’t sure what it was. The table was photographed from many different angles to show off … read more >>

Off topic

What’s Cooking: Kitchen Design Trends |

Chedva | December 6, 2011

Did you know that the kitchen is one of the rooms most prone to wear and tear in the house (the other one is the bathroom). Come to think about … read more >>


Blogging and Design: A Week With Design Bloggers |

Chedva | November 27, 2011

When my friend told me about accidentally meeting Adi, a project manager in an organization bringing online taste-makers to Israel, I was curious but had very low expectations. When Adi … read more >>


Home Tour: Orly Robinson |

Chedva | November 3, 2011

I couldn’t really talk about design books without touching base with Orly Robinson, one of the very few design book authors in Israel and almost a pioneer in her field. … read more >>


Book Worm |

Chedva | October 27, 2011

It took me quite a while to get over the disdain some of my friends from the literature industry felt towards design and art books (or “coffee table books” as … read more >>


2011-12: Kimberly Lewis |

Chedva | October 25, 2011

I’ve spent the past few weeks celebrating the Jewish new year, and now that it’s back to work I can’t believe how close is 2012! So let’s talk some trends, … read more >>


WELCOME: Rooms and Words |

Chedva | September 2, 2011

August is over. It resisted, screeching, but it passed. Where we live, it’s almost unbelievable fall will soon be here. Fall for us is longing- longing for something tangible, for … read more >>


WELCOME: Tour The New Blog |

Chedva | August 4, 2011

    Welcome To Rooms and Words! I couldn’t be more excited to have you here. I’m itching to give you a tour of the new blogazine, but first I … read more >>