COLOR: The Color Combos of Radiant Republic |

Chedva | May 10, 2012

Hey, remember our color combo series? Well, it turns out it’s one of your favorite features here (mine too!) so, without further ado, I give you the color combos of … read more >>


COLOR: The Color Combos of Photographer Sivan Askayo |

Chedva | February 23, 2012

I’ve only met Sivan once, briefly, at an event, but in our correspondence since (don’t you love how social media has brought the pen pal concept back?!) it’s been clear … read more >>


Storefront: The Paint Store |

Orna | January 30, 2012

The first time I saw The Paint Store was while I went on the “Houses From Within” tour. The store was closed, and from outside it looked like a big … read more >>


PAINT: Surprising White Rooms |

Chedva | September 8, 2011

Something that always surprises me is how afraid people are from paint. Yes, simple wall paint. Why is this surprising?First, because paint is one of the easiest design solutions. It requires … read more >>