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The Unusual Suspects: 5 Unique Israeli Design Shops |

Chedva | June 28, 2013

  After mentally escaping to Hollywood in last week’s posts (about Barbara Strisand’s design skills and the interiors of The Bling Ring) and gazing at the beautiful rooms Revital Indik … read more >>

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One On One with Designer Abigail Ahern |

Chedva | June 13, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of emailing with one of my favorite designers, Abigail Ahern. Speaking to someone whose work I so admire and finding her not only as talented … read more >>

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FAD – A Unique 30-Day Concept Store In Tel Aviv |

Chedva | March 21, 2012

Here’s something we’re really excited to check out: A 30-day concept store in Tel Aviv that’s all about fashion, art and design.Orna and I are going to visit FAD later this week … read more >>

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Rooms And Words Guide For Tel Aviv |

Chedva | March 17, 2012

These last few months I got so many emails from design lovers asking what are some great places to visit while in Israel, and particularly in Tel Aviv, so when … read more >>