On Bling

the houses of the bling ring

Bling Ring – the interiors. Photo courtesy of Lev Cinema

Let’s continue a little on the path of escapism and celebrity-judging, shall we? Just for a today. Last week I was invited to watch The Bling Ring at the opening night of the Student Film Festival in Jaffa. Watching Sofia Coppola’s new movie in an open amphitheatre, with the sea just visible and the skies above, was pure fun. And while the rest of the audience was gasping and laughing at the unbelievable story line (which was based on a fairly-recent true story and even toned down from reality at times) I had my eyes on the houses and interiors.

Sofia Coppola is known for her flair for setting a mood for a movie: the clothes, the music, the ambiance – they were all perfect, and so were the houses. From the California laid back style of Nicki’s house (played by Emma Watson and based on Alexis Neiers) to the opulence of Paris Hilton’s mansion, it all fit to a tee. And talking about Paris Hilton, she actually let Coppola shoot parts of the film at her place – perhaps her way to make up for the millions in clothing and jewelry the Bling Ring-ers stole from her in the 3 times they invaded her home? (they found the key under the mat, you guys.)

paris hilton face pillows

The famous Paris pillows make a cameo on the movie | photo by Sofia Coppola for ELLE

paris hilton bedroom

Paris Hilton in her bedroom | photo by Sofia Coppola for ELLE

The amazing thing is just how easy it seems to have been: they perused the gossip blogs to see who’s having a party or is out of town, looked up the properties on map sites, easily entered the houses and took whatever they wanted. Once they were inside, they sometimes seem to be familiar with the place – from one of the many celebrity home spreads that help sell design magazines, flaunt the famous person’s design savvy (sometimes at the expense of the actual people who did design it), push a product or make the celebrity seem warmer, friendlier or down to earth. For us, it’s just another way to pass judgement on the rich and famous’ taste (a bit like fashion police) and take a break from our everyday, but what does it really mean – I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Paris Hilton's shoe closet

Paris Hilton’s shoe closet | courtesy of Lev Cinema

emma watson house the bling ring

Nicki’s kitchen | cortesy of Lev Cinema

Nicki and her sisters being home schooled | courtesy of Lev Cinema

Nicki and her sisters being home schooled | courtesy of Lev Cinema

Lauren Conrad's house

Lauren Conrad’s home – which the Bling Ring planned to rob

Rachel Bilson's house

Rachel Bilson’s house – robbed by the Bling Ring


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