COLOR: The Color Combos Of Natasha Haimovich

In the last past months I’ve been thinking a lot about color combinations, and namely about what is that “thing” that makes them work. Some colors look like they were born to be together, while others go against every rule in the book (blue and green should not be seen? think again) and work marvelously. I decided to explore the subject by asking some of my favorite designers, stylists, bloggers and otherwise creative people to weigh in on their favorite color combos and how they use them. First up is Natasha Haimovich, one of Israel’s most known and talented stylists, whose work the biggest brands and magazines here seek, and for a good reason – she’s amazing. 

Styling and photography: Yossi Salis and Natasha Haimovich

The calm, relaxing pairing of turquoise and fresh green, and white, of course. Always white. At home, in your food, in the garden – it’s always a smashing combination. I know yellow is the color du jour but I don’t think it’s a color you can live with for long. It requires too much attention from your eyes. Turquoise, green and white are the colors of the Mediterranean. They remind me of the shore, Greek islands, Italian beaches…

Food looks wonderful in turquoise plates like the bowl in the photo (by ceramist Michal Polak) we shot for Menta magazine or the square Provencal plate from Blue Bandana That makes a great backdrop for the salad. I love how this color brings greems to life and also compliments purple, pink and white. But try not to go overboard with the turquoise, or it can become tacky.

Styling and photography: Natasha Haimovich and Yossi Salis

This combo isn’t just for food. At home, I can see it in a white or gray bathroom, to which the turquoise and the green will bring a sense of water and nature. White tiles – maybe subway tiles – and a bright turquoise feature wall. On the counter, near a white sink, put a collection of simple glass bottles with a single branch of green leaves.

In a neutral living room, add a green chair with a turquoise pillow (velvet, I think). To me, it’s like wearing casual khakis with a luxurious, quality white t shirt and jazzing up the look with an unexpected turquoise piece of jewelry or leather sandals embellished with turquoise.

Salis Studio Magazine

For more of Natasha and Yossi’s work check out the magazine they published recently featuring their work. Next Thursday is the second installation of this series which is an international one. Stay tuned!

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