Rooms and Words was born out of love for blogs, magazines, and first and formost – design. If you love design but are not willing to give up on quality content – congratulations, you are in the right place. We will serve you interviews with the greatest designers – and those who will be that in the future, we will highlight, review and sometimes criticize the latest trends – and tell you about the provenance of various design elements. We promise to be a fun place to browse pretty picture on your coffee break – and also go deeper and share thoughts on design. We like to call Rooms & Words a blogazine: a blog with magazine-like content or perhaps a magazine updated with a frequency of a blog. So come on, grab a chair (Louis, Eames, Panton or Bergere – we love them all) and join us on our exciting adventure.

Chedva Kleinhandler is a design journalist, blogger and consultant. As a journalist who started as a blogger (a rare feat in her country) she strives to bring a breath of freshness to any and all of her occupations. Her work as a journalist and the fact that she is a Twitter junky (and a book warm) help her approach the most interesting people and trends in Israel, America and abroad. Being a mother who learned to survive on very little sleep helps too…

You can find Chedva’s work in Israeli magazines and websites such as Go Style, Stylish, Zoty and Urban Brides as well as in RUE.

Rooms & Words is Chedva’s own beloved brainchild, but she has had some fabulous contributors join for the ride: