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The Art Of Framing | Chedva | July 1, 2013

Many moons ago, my friend Efrat wrote a blog post about psychological blocks in decorating, and it really resonated with me (it’s in Hebrew, but you can try reading it with Google Translate). Here’s what I wrote in my comment to her post:

“In our family, my husband’s ‘block’ is color. And patterns. Oh, and contemporary lighting. And mine is really weird: it’s making holes in walls. It takes months, sometimes years, for me to overcome my fear of an unnecessary hole in the wall (in case the location would prove wrong for the art). That makes hanging art complicated. Phew, I can’t believe I just admitted that.”

Well, now it’s exactly a year later, and guess what? My art collection is still waiting to be hung, or framed, for that matter.  And that’s a huge part of the problem: how do you choose a quality frame that will complement the specific art but also look good in a gathering, and that won’t cost a fortune? Anyway, this week I got a recomendation for a frame shop, I packed all my art neatly and promised myself (and my sister, so she can hold me to my word) that I will get it done this week. Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to share here some of my favorite pieces from my collection. I really don’t consider myself a serious art collector or maven, I just buy what I like (if it’s within my budget) and recently I’ve been trying to acquire more original or numbered-edition pieces, because it does feel different to me, emotionally.

black and white budget art

clockwise from top left: inspirational print – Kal Barteski, $25 | original still from Gone With The Wind – Mugrabi Cafe and 2nd Hand Shop (can’t remember how much it cost, but it was around $20 or less) | original acrylic painting – Tali Yalonetzki, tushstush, $100 | David Todd vintage print – Mugrabi (again, around $20).

art for kids on budget

clockwise from top left: numbered print by Lisa Congdon (out of print) | print by Gabriella Barouch – $50 per set | limited edition print by Chihiro Iwasaki – 275 shekels ($75) at Hibino, the Japanese design store in Tel Aviv | Gabriella Barouch print from Etsy – $30 | Gabriella Barouch print – part of the set.

As you can see, I’m pretty obsessed with Gabriella Barouch’s work, but I must note that I one the set of wide prints at a giveaway she does on her Facebook page (monthky, I think). My son actually chose the print with the boy in the kettke himself! It’s so poetic, isn’t it? A few more notes: Lisa Congdon’s Etsy store is closed but she sells her original art on bigcartel (a little more expensive but worth the investment). Gabriella Barouch is closing her Etsy store, too, shortly, and so everything is on clearance sale when you enter promo code HUGESALE. Tali Yalonetzki, another artist whose work inspires me, made te original portrait above and she has beautiful prints and original paintings for sale in many sizes for really good prices.

Here are a few more resources for art if you’re on a budget, some even for free!

Budget Art In Israel And Abroad:


  • If you love vintage art, this is for you: Vintage Printable offers high resolution art that is legal and free to download and print yourself or at a copy store. The website isn’t the easiest to navigate, but it’s worth it.
  • A few more free botanical prints to download and print.
  • 50X70 is a new Israeli website where local artists sell their prints at reasonable prices (varying based on size). Rooms & Words readers get a %20 discount when entering promo code rooms&words. 
  • Kartinka is another Israeli art website – this one for original pieces.
  • And of course, nothing beats Ebay and Etsy. Just make sure to check the dimensions of the piece (lest you order a beautiful painting for an amazing price only to discover it could function as a stamp. Yes, this happened to me, lesson learned.) and don’t buy from sellers with ratings lower than %98.

Tell me, How are you about hanging art? Are your walls full or blank? And do you have a great art resource to share?

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  1. Arielle says:

    Can you please recommend your framer?

  2. Angela says:

    Very interesting post and subject. Somehow, we are all afraid of making the wrong decisions and it shows up in the weirdest ways.

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