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The Pirate’s Mom – Thoughts on Motherhood and Birthdays | Chedva | October 30, 2012

Hi everyone, how are you doing? If you’re from the US east coast, I hope you are safe and feeling good. It’s amazing how just a few hours of driving or flying separate us and yet the same day can be so different here and where you are. This was on my mind today, because at the same time we were celebrating my son’s birthday here in our home near Tel Aviv, my dad was sitting alone in a hotel room in Brooklyn. I’m so relieved he’s okay (he even went out to Toys R Us to get us a present – can you believe they were open?) but still, I wish he could have been here. This was such an emotional day. I’ve always been a birthday lover – whether it’s mine, my husband’s or my son’s – but this year I suddenly realized how big he is. 6 years old is no joke, ha? I apologize in advance for being slightly off-topic here, but I just had to share. My son, Chanoch, is such a pirate lover and I promised him a pirate party (scroll down for links to the free printables I found). Hearing him make his case for pirates over knights, Jake over Peter Pan (we’ve been reading the original Peter Pan), this party favor over that one – with all the fervor of a pre-schooler— well, it’s just magical. He forms his opinions and defends them like the true “non-violent pirate” (yeah, that exists; At least in our home) that he is. My son is six.

Pirate Ship Cupcakes © 2010 Cameron Blazer // Cottage Industrialist

Chanoch was born when I was nearly 21. This seems very early to a lot of people here, but his father and I waited for him so much. My son, with the magic land that lives in his mind, opened so many doors in our hearts. Doors that made us better understand the world, as well as ourselves. Everything looked different through his eyes – I remember watching him as he watched the painter paint his room when we moved here (his room was the first we tackled); through his eyes it seemed as if the paint brush were a magic wand which transforms mere walls into a real home. I know I keep repeating the word magic today, but that’s what he is: a 6 years old magic, who is so very serious, yet improvises jokes like the best of them, who reads anything (be it the ketchup sticker, the BFG or the Moomins). A 6 years old magic, for whom everything is a marvelous adventure. A 6 years old who is my own marvelous adventure.

My dear pirate boy, here’s my wish for you: May the ocean stretch before you, clear and wide, may you always choose the right route for your ship and the right moment to throw your anchor. My the adventures that meet you leave you stronger, wiser, more vulnerable, more you – and out of harm’s way. As for the treasure? Don’t you worry, I’ve already found it.

Okay, I hope you didn’t mind my little emotional slip. After all. where would I share it if not here, with you? I try not to put too many photos of my son on the web, so I didn’t take a lot of photos at the party, but you can catch a few glimpses on my Instagram (@roomsandwords is my user name there). Here are some cool printables and ideas for the pirates in your life:

Please let me know in the comments how are you doing, especially if you’re from the east coast. I’ll be back later this week with more design posts!

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18 comments to the post

  1. Danit says:

    Happy Birthday Chanoch:-) What an amazing emotional post (teary eyes)

  2. Igor says:

    What a beautiful post, Chedva!! Mazal tov to Chanoch!!!

  3. Sivan says:

    What a great hearty post.
    Happy Birthday to your private Pirate and to his brave mom as well.

  4. Sounds like it was a magical birthday party. Happy Birthday and Mazal Tov to Chanoch x

  5. What a beautiful post Chedva. Thanks for sharing. My son (and daughter) changed my life too and I was also very young. Life is more magical with them in it. Happy birthday to Chanoch!

  6. tina says:

    Beautiful post. Mazal Tov to the magical young man!

    If you get a chance, go and see ‘fill the void’. It was ‘magical’;)

  7. Angeli says:

    Oh Chedva, I loved this post! Your wish for your son was so sweet, poetic!

    Happy birthday little pirate!

    Angeli from BYW

  8. Will @ Bright.Bazaar says:

    Mazal tov to Chanoch! What a lovely post, the photography is lovely with the low depth of field. Great post, Chedva!

  9. Happy Birthday! My little boy turns 2 next week, and reading your lovely post I got all emotional. Jenni from BYW

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