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Now I Know My (Vintage Letterpress) ABC | Chedva | May 2, 2012

Some of you may think I’m weird, but here it is: I’m obsessed with old letterpress printing blocks. I don’t know if it’s the type, the words or maybe the meaning and the history of it… But does it really matter?

home decor inspired by printing wood blocks

top left photo by Tara Bradford

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You won’t be surprised that when I walked into a Beitili store (a staple in the Israeli decor world) and saw this dresser, I was instantly drawn to it (or you might say, glued to it). I loved that the drawers were small (perfect for things like my trims or business cards, that tend to get lost in bigger drawers) and the wood, which gave it an air of history and would sure look fabulous against the navy-blue walls of my home office. After I instagrammed it, my friend Tara Bradford tweeted that she has the same one from Kent & London, and blogged a sneak peek of her own beautiful home office (don’t you love that green?). That’s when I knew I wasn’t through obsessing about this; Tara’s photo reminded me of a necklace I once coveted and which I visited loyally until the shop closed. Further research brought up a beautiful lamp made of printing blocks, and this art piece, which – I am sure – will feel extremely at home on my walls. Just when I started writing this post, one of my favorite Israeli bloggers posted a home tour with a gorgeous letterpress drawer – coincidence or fate? Yes, I thought so, too.

So, please let me know – am I the only one? Or are you just as in love as me with anything inspired by old printing blocks?

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16 comments to the post

  1. Igor says:

    The drawer looks fabulous indeed! Love the rustic & graphic feel of it! I have a wooden drawer with a vintage look and I totally agree with you – the small drawers are just perfect for all the tiny tidbits:-)

  2. Thank you, Chedva! Like you, I am obsessed with old letters and chests with lots of drawers to store treasures (and my photography gear). Just yesterday I found an old printer’s block drawer, which I intend to fill with the pieces of type and wooden letters I’ve been collecting for years. Is there such a thing as too much typography in design? I think not!

    • Chedva says:

      What a great find, Tara! I visited a designer friend last week and she had these gorgeous patterned letters on her wall – a true typography moment.

  3. yolanda says:

    I am obsessed with letters, words…so you are not alone.

  4. Wow love the dresser. Thanks for sharing your obession with old letterpress printing blocks in this blog post.

  5. Laura says:

    Love this post! I recently bought a selection of vintage individual letterpress blocks – not sure how I’ll display them, but it sure is fun looking for inspiration!

  6. tina says:

    I am completely obsessed with letterpress, typography and anything with fonts. I studied Graphic Design in the 80’s so it’s in my blood.

    I literally stop in my tracks when I see pictures like this.
    The Israeli bloggers site is incredible! I love how the Hebrew language looks so much better graphically. Actually, if you scroll down, you’ll see a YELLOW side table (like a tin). Could you let me know where it’s from?

    Great post:)

    • Chedva says:

      Funny you mention that, Tina, because I was just reading with my son (he’s learning to read now) and thinking how beautiful Hebrew type is:)
      It doesn’t say what’s the origin of the yellow table, but I’ll shoot an email to the home owner.

  7. Karena says:

    Adore Letterpress in any form, such a wonderful memorabilia to use in decor!

    I have a feature Interview and Giveaway on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home…I hope you will visit


    Art by Karena

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