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Why Should I Read This: Black and White by Celerie Kemble | Chedva | May 8, 2012

Remember I talked about this book here and here? Well, I finally got around to reading it, and I was not disappointed. I’m really excited to start having book reviews (scroll down for the first one) here at Rooms and Words!


Celerie Kemble’s first book is one of my all time decorating books, not only thanks to her gorgeous interiors but also due to her intelligent and easy-going writing voice. It’s a great how-to book for anyone who’s decorating their home or trying to get into the decor industry, and it lacks that thin air of snobbizm that sometimes comes with the territory. However, with To Your Taste, Kemble was well within her comfort zone of colorful and bold interiors, while Black and White is unknown water (as Celerie herself says) and is more about experimenting. Is it for you? Read on to see if it fits your interests and needs:

reasons to read black and white by celerie kemble

Photo from the book: Zach Desart | Celerie Kemble signing a copy of her book in a Veranda event

So, what’s your verdict? Will you be reading Black and White (and a little in between) or not?

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3 comments to the post

  1. Igor says:

    Thanks for the introduction to this book, Chedva. I haven’t heard of it before. In fact, black and white is an all-time classic, in fashion as well as in interiors. When I look at my living room, it is predominately decorated with black and white. With this scheme you can always use some accent colours that really pop in such a monochrome surrounding.

    • Chedva says:

      I agree, Igor! One of my best blogging friends is Nicole who has an amazing black and white apartment that sets off her beautiful colorful art: sketch42blog.com

  2. Hi Chedva, I’m very interested in interior designs and my co-worker recommended this book, “Black and White (and a Bit in Between): Timeless Interiors, Dramatic Accents and Stylish Collections”. I guess I’m going to grab it this weekend. Thanks!

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