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6 Ways To Add Pattern To Your Home | Chedva | April 6, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I gathered some items for my product picks at Houzz.com. What did they have in common? Pattern. Lots of It.

Can you guess what sort of home decor item does each pattern belongs to?

how to chose wallpaper pattern

 chair | tea towel | duvet cover | wallpaper | throw pillow | rug

I chose this topic for my March product picks because recently I hear of more and more people who would love to insert some pattern into their lives (and homes) but aren’t sure how. Here are some of my favorite, fool-proof ways, to adopt the depth and the beauty of a good pattern:

Throw Pillows. The dream product of decor commitment-phobs around the world! You can test out any pattern that strikes your fancy and swap it out if you don’t feel you’re ready for it – just put it in another room. I would recommend starting with two patterned pillows and two solid ones in a color that exists in the pattern, but not necessarily the most prominent color (gives an element of surprise). After you master that, you can go on to mixing different patterns.

Wallpaper. You don’t have to cover an entire room or even a wall if you’re not ready or if the pattern seems overpowering. You can always paste the wallpaper to a foam-board any size you wish and frame with molding, or even apply the wallpaper directly to a frame and hang as art.

Art. Speaking of art, that’s a great way to add pattern, too! I love how easy and affordable it’s become to have art at home (either original or a high-quality print) thanks to websites like ETSY and 20X200.

Bedding and Linen. Bedding and linen are definitely one of my favorite things to shop for in the home category, and it’s so easy to experiment with colors and patterns. My advice would be to stick to a patterned duvet cover or quilt, and keep the sheets crisp and white for a classy look. Tea towels, tablecloths and napkins are all great ways to insert patterns into your decor.

Rugs. This is a wonderful way to add pattern because somehow, it’s less noticeable on the floor and yet it has a huge effect. Go big-scale and graphic for a wow factor or small-scale for an almost neutral, classic look.

Small Furniture. Congratulations, you’ve graduated the pattern-newbie stage and can now add some small furniture to the mix: try a stenciled stool, an upholstered bench or even two living room chairs. These would transform your room completely but will only require little visual real estate.

So, are you ready to add pattern to your life? Which of those tips are you going to try? Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for our special holiday newsletter right here.

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11 comments to the post

  1. Igor says:

    I love this post, Chedva! Especially as someone who’s living in a very small space (32 sq meters). Living in a small apartment and loving colour & patterns always elevates many questions? How far can I go? How much is too much? Is it cluttering my little space? I believe that the most fun thing about interior decoration is to embark on a trial and error adventure. Of course with due care and caution – I mean, don’t paper the whole room to say: Nah that doesn’t work for me:-) that’s why I think your suggestions here are absolutely helpful! I for my part go with colour and pattern on accessories: cushions, throws, rugs, art, deco objects. I love to change the accents from time to time and this works best for me.

  2. Roxy says:

    Thanks for including my pillow, lovely :) Great tips!

  3. I’m a textile designer so patterns and colors always “talked ” to my they also find there way intoo my paintigs. Since i remember i always loved to add a touch of color and pattern to my home either a throw pillow or one armchair with floral design to break the other wise minimalist taste i have. I love the textures and patterns you choosed

  4. quintessence says:

    Great tips Chedva!! I tend to choose subtle patterns in most places except in the powder room – my one room to indulge in bold wallpaper pattern!!

  5. Karena says:

    I love adding pillows to freshen up and change out the seasons! Perfect! Great ideas Chedva!

    The 2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera…(of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is on my site, please stop by! Her work is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  6. Tami Ramsay says:

    I love pattern and texture in my interiors and love the examples featured here. Beautiful blog! (BYW)

  7. […] mask my ignorance right now!), MDF (Ikea, of course), leather, brass, lots of cotton (in different textures and patterns), some wool, marble, laminate faux-wood floors and lots and lots of plastic and paper (books). What […]

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