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COLOR: The Color Combos of Blogger Igor Josifovic | Chedva | March 15, 2012

Hi everyone! So happy to be back today with another color combo post (you can see them all here), and with a very special friend of mine: Igor from Happy Interiors Blog. Igor is one of the nicest and most upbeat people I know and I love how his beautiful blog reflects that. Don’t miss his “from place to space” series where he gathers interior inspiration from his travels – I especially love reading those when I have days I can’t leave the computer… Also, please come back later today for some VERY exciting news.

A colorful hello to everyone! My name is Igor and I am blogging over at Happy Interior Blog. I am very honored that Chedva asked me to contribute to her new blog series on color combinations. As you can easily see on my picture, I chose the combination of two complementary colors: blue and yellow. How did I choose? Easy. I was looking around in my apartment and on my blog, my Pinterest and other online resources and looked for the common denominator. And recently, this has been the color combination of blue and yellow.
blue and yellow decor

Blue and yellow, a happy combination | Credit: Igor Josifovic

These two colors in all their shades are constant favorites of mine. I love the serene, cozy touch of blue hues and I adore the vibrant, positive and warm influence of yellows. The combination of both seem to represent my characteristics as well. I am a very happy (well, check my blog’s name), optimistic and positive person. Thus, this color combination seems to be a normal result in my case. Moreover, these two colors remind me of very happy and warm days while studying on the shores of the Aegean in Greece. So, I associate blue with the sea, the sky and the blue elements in Greek architecture, and yellow with the sun and the unique light in the Aegean. What’s not to love about that?
As you can see on the picture, this color combination is currently featured in my home. I love to combine blue and yellow with textiles and decorative elements. Pillows, bed sheets, books, vases, flowers – there are so many elements that can be used to make a color statement and accentuate rooms or corners of your home.
Yellow and Blue color scheme interiors

Cozy yet vibrant | Credit: Igor Josifovic

 In a nutshell: For me, a color combination must have a personal notion beyond color psychology. It must trigger positive emotions and a feeling of well-being. Then, the color combo is the right one for you and you can start playing with it in your home. No matter if you choose to go bold or underline your style with pops of color – make it work for you. And above all: be happy!
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9 comments to the post

  1. Igor says:

    Oh thank you my dear for having me over:-) Hope my humble, little and very personal colour combo pays due respect to your top blog!! Cheers from sunny Munich, Igor xoxo

  2. Jeanne says:

    Love Igor and his color combo! I have a big navy sofa and I think I want to cheer it up a bit with a cheerful accent color. The yellow will totally do! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Karyn18 says:

    I always love the yellow and blue combination. I admire Igor’s choice! We have the same taste in interior designs.

  4. tina says:

    Ah, the lovely and HAPPY Igor. Colour is so subjective and I believe that whatever colour makes someone happy and triggers happy hormones is the right colour combination for that person. The beauty is that as our mood changes, our colour preferences do too. All colour is beautiful. Nice guest post Mr. Igor:)

  5. Cindy says:

    Putting green in the mix would be good or bad ? I love green :)

  6. Dawn0977 says:

    Choosing this color combination is brilliant. What I like about this design, it’s very minimal.
    Cindy, it’s better if you stick on yellow and blue combination only.

  7. LatteLisa says:

    beautiful post Igor,
    this is such a happy colour combination

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