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A Home With Personality | Chedva | March 22, 2012

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to “peek” inside people’s houses. Not because I’m weird, but because I always love seeing how people take furniture, accessories, art, collections and general stuff and make them their own. How they give all that stuff their personality. Tamar‘s home is one of those houses with personality. Tamar and her family moved from Israel to Vermont a few years ago, and she agreed to let us in:

pink entrance door

Rooms and Words: How long have you lived in this house?

Tamar Schechner: We have been living here for 7 years, what started out as a temporary rental while we look for our dream home ended up being permeant when the owners decided to sell 5 months into our lease and we didn’t want to have to move the kids to a new school again…

Did you have a plan or scheme for the decor or did it just come together gradually?

No plan at all and it was all very gradual, the first thing we did was remove yellow wallpaper from the living room and masses of dark curtains that covered all the windows…then we painted everything a shade of linen white including the boys rooms, bedroom and bathrooms except for the big pink wall in the entrance and an orange wall at the end of the bedroom hallway, I now want to paint that back wall black and get some funky wallpaper for the big wall in the entrance.

vignette flowers vermont house

colorful green staircase home decor

living room ikea sofas

Colors and patterns, mix and match | Photos: Tamar Schechner

I absolutely love the mix of white, patterns, old, new etc – do you have any tips for that?

My taste is very eclectic, I love to mix old and new, vintage and modern and throw a touch of ethnic into the mix….I feel that white walls are necessary since we have a lot of art and I love to create art walls and vignettes, the white background gives me a sense of calm.

Tamar's favorite color combo | Photos: Tamar Schechner

Can you tell me about one color combo you love that exists in your decor and what you like about it?

The back wall in the kitchen is massive and it’s also the way out into the kitchen garden and back yard, we painted the door a geranium red that has since faded and now I really love it! I have a huge painting that my mother, Nora Frenkel, who was a wonderful artist painted in yellows and I love to mix flowers from the garden and put them in little vases on the ledge in the kitchen and when the door is open in the summer all those colors blend together!  I adore that color combination…

white walls art gallery wall

The white walls balance the art

vintage dresses and slips

Vintage dresses are also used to style photo shoots of Tamar's jewelry collection

home office craft area

Tamar's studio in the dining room | Photos: Tamar Schechner

How does your home reflect your (and your family’s) personality?

Our home is very laid back most of our furniture is either thrifted and repurposed and painted of found on Craigslist like the white Ikea couches in the living room, every room has many functions, my studio is where all the products I design for Nest Pretty Things (my home based company) are designed and made, it’s in the dining room and occupies the whole back wall, the dining table is the heart of our home and doubles up as a work table for my assistant, the living room is also the family room and my husband’s home office when he is not out filming (he is a cinematographer), it’s also were we hang out as a family and with our friends, the family room downstairs is also the TV room and the kids space, there is always an extra bed made up in the one of the bedrooms since we have tons visitors from Israel and from the USA and the kids come home from college on the weekends and bring friends, it can get a little hectic and messy and crazy sometimes…but we love it!…I would say the house is definitely a reflection of our living style…

Thanks, Tamar, for letting us in! I’m curious, does your house reflect your personality?

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8 comments to the post

  1. miki steiner says:

    beautiful home! So cozy and airy and bright. Love it.

  2. Igor says:

    I think the title you’ve chosen Chedva is the best to describe this charming home – it is full with personality!

  3. Jesse DeWit says:

    Love the green stairs. Caught my eye. You’ve added a lot of personality to your home. I can see what you’ve done didn’t happen overnight (as you state). Home decor is a constant work in progress and evolves with time, travels and experiences. Nice pics.

  4. Jodi says:

    Like you, I admire people who are creative and bold enough to give their homes a personality.

  5. Sarah says:

    I love the original home accessories and fresh flowers on display around the house – it really helps to make it an inviting home.

  6. Marry Green says:

    Crazy colours :-) I love it!

  7. Pia says:

    That was such a beautiful house. I love that the design is very unpredictable and all the colors, they just add to the beauty of the home. :)

  8. tina says:

    Just charming. I agree peeking into homes is best. Can never get enough of it.

    A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to visit 8 homes in North London thanks to the Livingetc Tour. It was fantastic to see people’s homes like that.

    Great post.

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