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7 More Design Books | Chedva | February 28, 2012

So many of you (including me) loved the book recommendations we posted last week that I decided to ask my friend Einat to recommend us some of her favorite design books. Einat is an amazing blogger that writes about (mostly-) Israeli fashion and industrial design in her blog Design Break, which is exactly as it title says – a refreshing design break in the middle of the day. As an interiors blogger and journalist, it’s nice to learn more about other fields of design and it’s always inspiring.

Design Break

Design books… I think I can discuss them for hours, but let’s begin with a confession: I admit I sometimes judge (I mean, buy) a book by its cover. Does that ever happen to you? I hope I’m not the only one! As I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty obsessed with design books, and when Chedva asked me to recommend a few of my favorites I agreed right away, not realizing how hard it would be.

After a long consideration I concluded that my favorite books are those that go with the big loves of my design life: Fashion, prints and patterns, food, shopping, typography (I am a web designer after all) and frequent travel.

So let’s start with Vera, Susan Seid’s book about Vera Neumann is one of those magical books that tells the story of a groundbreaking artist and designer, accompanied by inspiring, colorful patterns you won’t be able to resist. Vera was known for the iconic patterns she created, such as her life-like flowers and geometric shapes that commanded a space with surprising color combos. She believed people should live surrounded by beauty, and the book has stayed true to this.

Graphic designer Victoria Macey has created an exciting pop-up book called Bodoni Bedlam, dedicated to the font Bodoni. This book is not available for purchase, but you can still go on a typographical quest for this font.

fifi lapin | 600 black spots

600 Black Spots is a book for both children and adults by David Carter. This too is a pop-up book that contains fabulous paper sculptures, and there’s nothing more fun then taking a tour of the black spots. You’re invited to try!

Fifi Lapin‘s book is another book that doesn’t take the fashion world too seriously. Fifi the rabbit, that has a popular blog, gives readers a peek into her everyday life, with her schedule, styling advice, a recipe for a natural face mask (featuring carrots as the main ingredient, of course) and interviews with top designers. Still, the illustrations are the main attraction of the book.

paris made by hand | paris vs new york

Paris: Made By Hand is a book by stylist and photographer Pia Jane Bijkerk that splits her time between Paris, Sidney and Amsterdam. I can’t imagine a better way to learn about all those designers that are outside the touristy route. This book is truly a cultural and design experience.

Talking about Paris, the recently published Paris vs. New York is a visual competition between these two amazing cities. If you ask me, NYC wins hands down, but there’s something about the enchanting illustrations by Vahram Muratyan that makes even me rethink my choice.

obsessive consumption

And finally, Obsessive Consumption is Kate Bingaman Burt‘s quest to record her purchases, even the most mundane ones, either an iPad or a manicure, or even a Sunday morning croissant. I’m a little scared to even think about recording all of my purchases, but I must say the charming illustrations make the prospect look much better.

…And just one more recommendation: Have you ever wondered where did all the books you loaned go? That’s why you need a personal library kit. You’re welcome.

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  1. Igor says:

    Great round-up, and yes, I love Design Break!!

  2. Nicole Schuman says:

    I love it! I’m so into books. And it’s very eye catching it makes you want to read more! I’d like to have one of those!

  3. Ms.Harrison says:

    My passion is reading and collecting interesting book, but you made it more fashionable with this designs…

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