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Take Your Pick: 3 Gorgeous Tufted Sofas | Chedva | January 23, 2012

3 tufted couches

1 | 2 | 3

This week I’ve been helping some very special clients re-furnish their living room. Their children are bigger and less spill-prone now, and it’s time to graduate from the torn and battered, 20 years old sofa they have. We’ve decided to go for something with relatively simple lines to light up the formal room but still tie in with the traditional cabinetry – hence the tufted sofas. We’re debating between the two top ones, though I’m dreaming about the third, from Anthropologie.

4 | 5

Here are two more options: The Jonathan Adler Lampert sofa is an old favorite of mine (AB Chao put it to wonderful use in Dooce’s living room) and looks a lot like the sofa I picked from Kare. On the right, Urban Outfitters‘ interpretation to a fainting sofa is wildly popular because it’s so versatile (and inexpensive!).

Which one would you pick?

{Sources: Kare; Items Gallery; Anthropologie; Jonathan Adler; Urban Outfitters.}

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6 comments to the post

  1. miki steiner says:

    Jonathan Adler, of course! It looks so comfy! Besides it has the most perfect balance between traditional and uber-modern styles. Just look at the clean lines at the base, and the velvety touch of the seat…

  2. No.4 or No.1. Not a fan at all No.5.

  3. I’m like no 1 (lovely colour – not so sure about the legs) and 3 & 4 are both great too!

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