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Storefront: The Paint Store | Orna | January 30, 2012

The first time I saw The Paint Store was while I went on the “Houses From Within” tour. The store was closed, and from outside it looked like a big amusement park of color. The beautiful paint cans called my name, out of reach. I was intrigued. I had to go back and talk to the owners, whom finally brought Ralph Lauren paint to Tel Aviv, after years with just two local brands.

The Paint Store Tel Aviv | Photos courtesy of Orna Mazor

The owners are Tali Alchech and Eran Friedland, two childhood friends who own Studio 84, a company that specializes in 3D multimedia architectural imaging, which is based in Tel Aviv but works all around the world. I talked to Tali to see what made them fall in love with color.

Describe the moment when you realized you want to import the paints

Three years ago, when we moved the studio to a new place, we went to pick paint colors at the local ACE. We found ourselves debating between three bland whites, and trying to remember which whites our apartments were painted. There was no passion, no courage about it, which is very saddening, as we both come from an aesthetic background. In addition to that, a pat of our work is to “paint” virtual interior spaces and we found ourselves more and more drawn to color. So after 11 years in the virtual design world, the paint is our first time to get in touch with the material.

Thoughtful decor | Photos by Gili Ungar, The Paint Store

The store looks like a home. An inner room is painted blue and has a chesterfield sofa and floor length curtains, another has a massive desk and Eames chairs… Tell us a little about the decorating process

The store design was a very symbiotic and inspiring collaboration between us and the architects Uri Gur, Ronen Segal and Gabby Gur. The concept was “Ralph Lauren meets south Tel Aviv” and the choice of location and store was very important to us. The wide storefront, the sidewalk in front of the store, the area which is “center/off” – all of these called our names since day one. Nobody touched the design of the store since the sixties, when it was a tractor supply store, and so the architect decided (and we happily agreed) to  leave as many details as we could untouched, even though it’s not a restoration building (like many others in the area). The decorating was meant to marry “store” elements with “home” elements. The architects’ room has an abundance of light and a wide table to spread the plans on, while the blue room was intended for more intimate conversation on color and design.

Endless possibilities | Photo by Orna Mazor

What are your favorite paint colors?

It’s amazing how every day we have a new “favorite color”… I would compare it to music. Each morning we chose the playlist that will accompany us for the rest of the day. Sometimes it’s a classic like Bach, other times it can be Bob Dylan or maybe Nirvana. The biggest lesson we’ve learned is that we can educate people not to be afraid, you can paint a space the color you desire, and if it doesn’t go as planned… Well, it’s just paint. You can re-paint it. Comparing to any other step in decorating, this is one of the cheapest and simplest.

Our favorite colors (as of this moment):

Favorite paint colors | Image sources: Design Sponge, Elle Decor

Tali: Medieval Purple | Eran: Monticello Yellow | Orna: Pink Lips | Chedva: British Race Car Green


Orna Mazor is a multi-disciplinary designer and a professor for design and home styling in Shenkar – Studio Design. Read more about her here.

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