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DECOR GUIDE: Ikat-mania | Aline | September 4, 2011


I don’t know how about you, but sometimes all those trends, elements and whatnots can get a little confusing! That’s why I’ve decided to pair with design genius Aline Langlieb, whom will give us some handy tips you can then implement in your own home. -Chedva

I fell in love with Ikat for the first time when I saw the cover of Elle Decor.

You know how you see sometimes a new element and you don’t get it really until something happens, you see it in the right context and suddenly it clicks.

ikat moodboard

Top right: the photo that made me fall in love with Ikat. Elle Decor.

The house is entirely white. Those blue and white ikat pillows make the house a summer house instantly. I like the pattern being not too strict with its smeared edges, and the whimsical ornament, not taking oriental forms too seriously.

Rooms and Words Ikat Guide

R&W Ikat guide



From that point on I started scouting for the pattern, thinking I should stay on the safe side, therefore I’m not going to favor any other color combination rather than blue and white (1). Surprise! O.K, I know these are clutch bags (2), but think of them as beautiful pillows scattered on a dark leather sofa. Madeline Weinrib has the best color combination I’ve seen so far.

You should be careful of gradient color involving too many colors. The smeared edges should be controlled into two three colors max, more than that looks way too messy. Think of the colors being blocked inside their amorphic shapes (4).

The next step was accepting the tribal colors into the combination. Look at the back of this Anthropologie chair (3). We are talking about a lot of colors here, but see how beautify the forms stay in their on colors. I don’t love the fabric that’s on the seat though. It would look great with just plain fabric. This goes really well with Safari Chic decor.

I absolutely love it.


Go shopping: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/

Tip: We also love ebay for ikat shopping! Try typing “ikat fabric” in the search box- you’ll find some beautiful original ikat for around $20 a piece. Do you have a favorite place to shop for ikat? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section.



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2 comments to the post

  1. the thing with ikat is unless you truly understand the beauty of how it is made and understand the colors bleeding into eachother as the essential spirit of the fabric then you can’t embrace it properly. the design comes from the soul of people who invented and reverred this fabric for centuries. Adaptations of “look” cannot do justice to the actual woven fabric. On another note the chair youspoke of would look out of balance with a solid colored seat. The chair need to have a balance of strong pattern on boththe back and the seat. Not necessarily the fabric shown but something as strong andmore harmonious.

    • Chedva says:

      Hi Robert, thanks so much for commenting. I absolutely agree that no imitation or reproduction can achieve the level of craftsmanship, tradition and soul as the original. That being said, I do think it’s okay to be inspired by the different arts of many different cultures and do something different with the product of that inspiration, as long as its done respectfully.

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